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33 Epiphanies About Love shines a light on the underlying causes of most romantic relationship problems and offers practical and easy-to-understand ways for you to overcome them, so you can be truly happy in love once and for all.

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Praise for 33 Epiphanies About Love

Irina is very talented in explaining complicated matter in simple words – things like subconscious patterns, shadow work, projections, archetypes etc. are so clearly explained and shown through personal experience. She is also absolutely transparent about her own path to love, failures and struggles and this is so inspiring! I think that every woman who craves for real love should read this book!
Ekaterina Veleva
Life coach
I was amazed with the content of this book! I've read a lot of books on personal development, but Irina has an unique point of view on issues and cases that are widely discussed in the field. I couldn't leave the book until I had finished it, but I will certainly go through some parts again and again!
Galena Miteva
Success Coach
Irina has been my guide for the last year! Thanks to her and her book I have managed to find my husband back, 18 years married although. She made me think of ordinary things, that we usually do not take into consideration, but matter so much in fact! Highly recommended - this book will show your own way to achieve your own happiness! Thank you Irina!
Ginka Slavova
Legal assistant at EURid
Reading Irina’s books is much more than learning something new or working on one’s personal path – it is an experience that goes right to the center of the soul! Her writing style is so simple, understandable, and touching that it makes it easy for every new perspective to go deep into one’s being. What I love about the book, is that the author integrates her own path, story and past mistakes very openly and vulnerably instead of using cold expert language. Simple truths, lots of feeling and everyday examples turn this book into an easy-to-follow-guide for the heart and love life, while still leaving open spaces for each of us to discover one’s own truths and epiphanies about love!
Silvia Mateeva
Femininity & intuition coach
Irina is a great expert on the female soul. She has a deep understanding of the relationship between men and women and has the talent to dive into serious problems with ease and in a very accessible way. This book is a practical and comprehensive guide to improving your self-love and improving your relationships with men. I strongly recommend it to anyone looking for happiness in their love life. It includes everything you need to succeed in this not so easy endeavor.
Svetlana Petkova
HR Management and Development Supervisor

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Here are the 33 Epiphanies you will learn about:

Epiphany 1: There are two kinds of love
Epiphany 2: My love life has been programmed since childhood
Epiphany 3: When I fall in love, it’s with my own missing pieces
Epiphany 4: Only when falling in love ends, I can decide whether I could love my partner
Epiphany 5: My partner is a mirror that reflects both my positive and negative sides
Epiphany 6: Not everything we call love is actually love
Epiphany 7: The fear of love and intimacy comes in different shapes
Epiphany 8: We idealize love
Epiphany 9: Others can love me only as much as I love myself
Epiphany 10: Nobody but us can fill our void and need for love
Еpiphany 11: We sabotage ourselves if we reach our upper limit
Epiphany 12: Low self-esteem chases love away
Epiphany 13: If we lose our individuality, we meet a controlling partner
Epiphany 14: The practice “I’ll teach you a lesson” is passive-aggressive
Epiphany 15: Women lose from getting too serious too soon
Epiphany 16: Men need more time to fall in love than women
Epiphany 17: How to smooth the way for somebody to fall in love with us
Epiphany 18: Our unconscious reactions can quickly ruin a relationship
Epiphany 19: Mature communication is one of love’s greatest gifts
Epiphany 20: We misunderstand the real meaning of selfishness
Epiphany 21: More behaviors that kill love…
Epiphany 22: We can’t change our partner, but … we can do something much better
Epiphany 23: Conflicts are normal, what matters is how we resolve them
Epiphany 24: 11 destructive female behaviors that suck up female energy
Epiphany 25: Passion and sexual attraction are NOT chemistry
Epiphany 26: You may speak in different love languages
Epiphany 27: Men and women have different needs in love
Epiphany 28: Gratitude and positivity will save your relationship
Epiphany 29: There’re four female archetypes, but we often lack two of them
Epiphany 30: The more feminine the woman, the more masculine her man
Epiphany 31: We need to belong and be free at the same time
Epiphany 32: We foster illusions about our soulmate
Epiphany 33: Should I stay or should I go?

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