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Welcome among those who believe that happiness is possible and dreams can come true! I believe that knowing and loving yourself is the only path to getting there – it’s what worked for me and for many other people!

I am Irina, I’ve been through challenges as well and I openly share how I overcame them and what tools I used to start creating my dream life. I will be your companion on the Path which I also gladly follow. If you want to know more about me and my story, check HERE!

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33 Epiphanies About Love shines a light on the underlying causes of most romantic relationship problems and offers practical and easy-to-understand ways for you to

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Praises and reviews

Amazing book… With every thought you shared I could see clearly the mistakes I have made in my life so far … It was a very hard and painful experience, and despite that I was very grateful and full of appreciation ‒ for becoming more conscious and being able to experience love in a new way. Thank you! I wholeheartedly recommend this book to everyone looking for the path to a true and requited love! – Silvia Draganova


Hello, Irina! First, I would like to say a big thank you for what you are sharing with us and the guidance you are offering. This is the first time I have come across someone who explains everything so straightforwardly and genuinely ‒ there is no way it wouldn’t touch you and you wouldn’t understand it. The second thing I’d like to share is that this book is unique. I immediately found answers to the questions I was interested in and started looking deeper into myself. Thank you, Irina for everything! I wish you lots of success and keep up the good work! – Katia Tattoo


Everything in your book is described in a way that is so down-to-earth, genuine and profound! This book opened my eyes and made me think of so many things that I wish to change in myself, for my own sake, in order to have a truly harmonious love life! It gave me the answers to many questions and the solutions for how to cope with them! Thank you, from all my heart! – Petrova Ted


I admire this author! Deep knowledge of the wounds of the human soul, of the roles and masks we make ourselves live with and which, along with fear, distance us from our true selves. I like it that Irina gives examples from her own life and that she is so open. I accept her truth as the right one. This truth is well-founded, suffered, experienced, achieved, learned. It is sensed and sensible at the same time. This makes it so valuable and close to me. – Yana Vas


Irina, your book is amazing. It is so authentic and easy to understand. Everything you are looking for is in this book, you just have to open it. Like a manual ‒ you need advice, you open it, and there it is. I liked it so much, I will definitely read it again and again. – V. Kovacheva


An exceptionally practical and engrossing workbook, which accompanies a truly realistic, clear, loving and helpful book. It feels as if you have covered all the knowledge on earth regarding relationships, love and happiness through the eyes of a living and authentic woman.
Compliments on your work! – N.K.